In-depth analysis of Mebroot/Torpig trojan available

As we received a number of requests for an in-depth analysis of the new Mebroot variant mentioned in the previous article, we have this report finally available.

If you are interested, please drop us an email to

One thought on “In-depth analysis of Mebroot/Torpig trojan available”

  1. I’m an IT Consultant/VAR and Calif licensed PI, and am very interested in security issues. Saw the googletechtalk in which Richard Kemmerer talked about the research project at UC Berkeley that took over a botnet. He talked about mebroot and torpig and their finding over 300 fake bank login pages for phishing.

    I would very much appreciate receiving the analysis of mebroot/torpig.

    A client that has PCI compliance requirements has said they’ll worry about it if anything happens. It’s a difficult situation and I’d like to make the case for why this is such risky approach.



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