an update to wsnpoem and rogue antivirus

We at TrustDefender Labs have seen a quite dramatic increase in so-called “Rogue Antivirus Enines“. These have been around for several years, but the sophistication to trick users to install them are mind-blowing…

We looked at a wsnpoem malware that served as a dropper for the adware called “XP Security Center”. Everything looks really¬†authentic and even though the system was clean before, the adware will physically create random files and pretend they are malware… Then they harrass you to buy the XP Security center for $49.95 a year to get rid of them…

The lesson to be learned is that it gets harder and harder to distinguish legitimate and genuine software from fake and rogue software.

Have a look at a screencapture yourself… (click on the image to start the streaming video)

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